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Hong Kong’s unique “Cha Chaan Teng” cafes dish up a nostalgic blend of the past, Cantonese and Western favorites.  But why, in famously foodie Hong Kong? It is the place where every stratum of society regularly comes for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  The answer lies in a cup of authentic Hong Kong Style Milk Tea.


“Cha Chaan Teng” appeared in Hong Kong after World War II and traced its roots in equal measure to Hong Kong’s British colonial past and the traditional Chinese street-side cafes known popularly as Dai Pai Dongs.  These humble eateries evolved from little more than outdoor kitchens surrounded by a clutter of tables & stools which served Cantonese fare. The cuisine was hybrid – a fast-food, no-frills fusion of cheap British café fare and Cantonese favorites, and always ended up with a cup of Milk Tea.  

An authentic HK-styled Milk Tea must compose of “Color, Aroma, and After-taste” and served with Evaporated Milk and white sugar (Some prefer to use condensed milk but it is not authentic).  In the past, different Tea-masters kept their own secret recipe for the tea mix.  However, nowadays, they would prefer to buy pre-mixed ones for convenience.


The very HK-style milk tea served right in front of you at “Shooting Star Café” is not only a drink, but an authentic Hong Kong “Cha Chaan Teng” Culture.


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